A Smart New Way to Think About Profits & ESG.

Air filter maintenance that delivers unprecedented cost savings, while delivering environmental sustainability goals for a cleaner planet. We didn't just imagine it. We engineered it.

Cleaner. Leaner. Greener.

Best Practice Redefined.

Introducing AirX by Maven Greentech: The world's first and only on-site, air filter diagnostic cleaning and integrity-testing technology.

AirX is capable of removing 99% of dust from large diesel engine filters, which can extend the life of the filters by up to 25 times. AirX also helps to reduce air filter-related costs, such as the cost of replacement filters, the cost of maintenance and, large vehicle operating efficiencies, while helping meet the environmental management obligations of commercial mining operations.

What is AirX?

AirX is an on-site, air filter diagnostic cleaning and integrity-testing technology, available for long-term lease. Capable of removing 99% of dust from your large diesel engine filters, it will:

  • Enable the reuse of filters up to 15 times over, extending their life by 6-8 times
  • Reduce up to 70% of air filter-related costs
  • Decrease your warehouse footprint
  • Shorten downtime across your fleet of vehicles
  • Reduces millions of tonnes of metal from landfill sites

The AirX is a testament to less is more - less costs, less environmental impact, more efficiency, more profit.

Maven Greentech's AirX

Proud Winners of the 2023 Prospect Award for Environmental Excellence.

Maven Greentech is thrilled to announce our recent accolade, the prestigious 2023 Prospect Award for Excellence in Environmental Management & Sustainability. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to redefine the mining industry through sustainable and innovative practices. Winning this award, sponsored by Bonfiglioli, not only honors our commitment to environmental stewardship but also positions us as a leading force in eco-friendly mining solutions.

This award is more than just a trophy.
It's a validation of our relentless pursuit of excellence and our dedication to creating a more sustainable future. It reflects our successful endeavor in striking a balance between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. As we celebrate this achievement, we are inspired to continue our work, knowing that our efforts are making a tangible difference in the mining sector and contributing to the global mission of environmental preservation and decarbonization. Join us as we forge ahead, setting new standards and inspiring positive change in the industry.

Check out the new Air X Auto: Now with synchronous robotic arm pick and place feeder for bulk cleaning automation.

Key Features:

  • Air filter cleaning machine designed for onsite use for heavy industrial and mining equipment users.
  • Uses a PLC controlled low-pressure air nozzle to clean air filters in accordance with OEM and air filter manufacturer recommendations. It is a dry cleaning process and does not use any chemicals.
  • 99.99 of dust can be removed from dirty filters, air filter pressure drop can be restored to within OEM specifications. Air filter efficiency is equal to or better than a new air filter, replicating air filter service interval and thereby maintaining the in-service life of machines.
  • For optimal results AirX is programmed to remove 99.16% of contaminants in order to leave the optimum residual 50gr-100gr pre-coat dust, thus delivering the maximum efficiency/clean-time ratio.
  • Uses a vacuum extraction system for the removal of all air filter contaminants. Extracted air is cleaned using a 3-stage cleaning process to remove 99.99% of all contaminants.
  • Has the diagnostic capability to measure and record air filter weight, air filter pressure differential before and after cleaning. Checks the integrity of cleaned air filters using a particle counter which conforms to ISO standard.
  • Tracks air filter history using a 3D barcode and stores data using wireless cloud-based technology.
  • Efficiency reporting, data analysis, software updates, as well as troubleshooting and system support can be undertaken either on-site or remotely.