Cleaner. Greener. Leaner.

AirX is a revolutionary new way to clean air filters, setting the bar with pioneering technology that ensures a cleaner, greener, and leaner alternative to traditional air filter cleaning methods. A smarter alternative that delivers a wide range of financial, safety, and environmental benefits.

Financial Benefits:

AirX offers a number of financial benefits related to operational efficiencies such as air filter costs, warehouse management costs, transport costs, air filter disposal costs, and fuel burn. These benefits include:

  • Direct reduction in air filter costs.
  • Air filters can be recycled multiple times. AirX cyclonic cleaning technology has demonstrated up to 25 cleaning cycles in OEM air filters (Potential for further recycling as air filter data is accumulated for the mine).
  • Reduced warehouse management costs. Less filters handled, air filters cleaned at the workshop within the service downtime event.
  • Reduced transport costs – less air filters used.
  • Reduced air filter disposal costs – less air filters disposed.
  • Data obtained from air filter cleaning process will enable optimisation of maintenance filter replacement tactics and machine servicing intervals, potentially leading to improved engine efficiency and reduced fuel burn.

Safety Benefits:

AirX helps to create a safer work environment for operators and workers by reducing their exposure to dust and other contaminants, eliminating manual handling risks, and providing a number of other safety features:

  • Extremely low atmospheric contamination and dust exposure for operators due to a vacuum system and three-stage air filtration.
  • Patented low operating height eliminates any unacceptable manual handling risks.
  • Operator friendly work environment for air filter processing with many safety features.
  • Transport air filter container improves workshop air filter manual handling methods.
  • Low noise generation less than 80 dBA.

Environmental Benefits:

AirX can help to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations by reducing the amount of waste that is produced, minimizing the use of resources, and reducing the overall carbon footprint of mining operations.

  • Reduces the number of air filters that end up in landfill enhancing the mining sector’s reputation for environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and social impact.
  • Inert liquid wastes resulting from the AirX cleaning process can be disposed of easily into the mine’s wastewater management system.
  • Low power and water requirements for the operation of the machine.
  • Reduced life-cycle carbon footprint contributing to a low-carbon future.
  • AirX contributes to meeting stringent ESG commitments, crucial for mining companies in Australia. This includes adherence to best practices in environmental care, social responsibility, and ethical governance, reflecting a commitment to long-term sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  • AirX enables mining companies to bolster their efforts in sustainable mining practices. This aligns with Australia's focus on reducing environmental impacts and supporting ethical and socially responsible mining operations, as per international ESG frameworks.
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