Operational Advantages

AirX offers a number of operational advantages over traditional air filter cleaning methods. AirX is cleaner, greener, and leaner, which can save mining operations time, money, and resources.

Dust and particulate
Cyclonic dry clean process


AirX by Maven Greentech is a cleaner, more efficient way to maintain your air filters. The 4-stage cyclonic dry cleaning process effectively removes 99% of filter by-product, leaving your filters as clean as new. Air filters also run through diagnostics pre and post cleaning, which can be used to enhance machine maintenance protocols. Collated data is then compared to an advanced integrity particle counter, ensuring that your filters are always in top condition.

  • The 4-stage cyclonic dry cleaning process effectively removes 99% of filter by-product.
  • Air filters run through diagnostics pre and post cleaning for data collection and tracking that can be used to enhance machine maintenance protocols.
  • Collated data is then compared to advanced integrity particle counter


The AirX will put your organisation’s operations front and centre in the battle against the estimated 10 million hectares of land that has been affected by mining in Australia throughout history. Its cleaning process also doesn’t use chemicals and the dry cleaning process eliminates silica exposure for staff. AirX helps restore the future of our environment through the following:

  • Fewer filters in landfills.
  • Prevents an estimated 1102m3 of galvanised steel waste metal damaging the environment.
  • Reduced inventory costs and transport-related carbon footprint.
  • Improves the working lifespan of your air filters by up to 25 times compared to the typical single-use industry standard. This shift in perception encourages a transition from single-use to multiple-use as best practice. The data collected from AirX has been instrumental in enabling mining companies to extend their air filter life to 1000 hours of service, a significant achievement facilitated by the insights obtained through the AirX cleaning process. This includes precise monitoring of filter weights and enhanced monitoring of filter box conditions.
  • Lower carbon emissions.
  • Minimises noise, transport and environmental pollution reducing the impact on surrounding communities.
Eliminates an estimated
Galvanised Steel
waste dumped to landfill
(46 x B-Double truck loads)


The AirX  makes good business sense. It can help you drastically reduce your costs (cleaning filters costs a fraction ($3 each) +rental of machine saving you approximately $1,5m per year per mine) improving the health of your P & L:

  • One filter can be cleaned up to 25 times reducing air filter replacement costs.
  • Reduced procurement costs result from ordering fewer filters, as most filters are manufactured either in Sydney, Australia, or elsewhere around the world.
  • Reduced maintenance costs across your fleet due to optimised equipment functioning.
  • Reduced warehousing costs from lower filter inventories.
  • Wireless monitoring & WiFi updates ensure continuous optimisation,  now with Starlink connectivity option.
  • Extended lifespan of heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Optimised run-cycles & verifiable results.
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